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Tax Rates

State/ProvinceCityCountyPostal CodeCountryTax Amount
WA   US8.500%
WAAberdeen  US8.930%
WAAirway Heights  US9.000%
WAAlbion  US7.800%
WAAlgona  US10.000%
WAAlmira  US8.000%
WAAnacortes  US8.500%
WAArlington  US9.100%
WAAsotin  US7.700%
WAAuburn  US10.000%
WABainbridge Island  US9.000%
WABattle Ground  US8.400%
WABeaux Arts Village  US10.000%
WABellevue  US10.000%
WABellingham  US8.700%
WABenton City  US75.000%
WABingen  US7.500%
WABlack Diamond  US8.600%
WABlaine  US8.500%
WABonney Lake  US9.300%
WABothell  US10.000%
WABremerton  US9.000%
WABrewster  US8.200%
WABridgeport  US7.700%
WABrier  US10.300%
WABuckley  US7.900%
WABucoda  US7.900%
WABurien  US10.000%
WABurlington  US8.500%
WACamas  US8.400%
WACarbonado  US7.900%
WACarnation  US8.600%
WACashmere  US8.200%
WACastle Rock  US8.000%
WACathlamet  US7.600%
WACentralia  US8.200%
WAChehalis  US8.200%
WAChelan  US8.200%
WACheney  US8.800%
WAChewelah  US7.600%
WAClarkston  US7.900%
WACle Elum  US8.000%
WAClyde Hill  US9.500%
WAColfax  US7.800%
WACollege Place  US8.700%
WAColton  US7.800%
WAColville  US7.600%
WAConconully  US8.200%
WAConcrete  US8.500%
WAConnell  US8.200%
WACosmopolis  US8.800%
WACoulee City  US7.900%
WACoulee Dam  US7.800%
WACoupeville  US8.700%
WACovington  US8.600%
WACreston  US8.000%
WACusick  US7.600%
WADarrington  US8.900%
WADavenport  US8.000%
WADayton  US8.400%
WADeer Park  US8.100%
WADes Moines  US10.000%
WADupont  US9.300%
WADuvall   US8.600%
WAEast Wenatchee  US8.200%
WAEatonville  US7.900%
WAEdgewood  US9.900%
WAEdmonds  US10.300%
WAElectric City  US7.900%
WAEllensburg  US8.300%
WAElma  US8.800%
WAElmer City  US7.800%
WAEndicott  US7.800%
WAEntiat  US8.200%
WAEnumclaw  US8.700%
WAEphrata  US8.000%
WAEverett  US9.700%
WAEverson  US8.500%
WAFairfield  US8.100%
WAFarmington  US7.800%
WAFederal Way  US10.000%
WAFerndale  US8.700%
WAFife  US9.900%
WAFircrest  US9.900%
WAForks  US8.500%
WAFriday Harbor  US8.300%
WAGarfield  US7.800%
WAGeorge  US7.900%
WAGig Harbor  US8.500%
WAGold Bar  US8.900%
WAGoldendale  US7.500%
WAGrand Coulee  US8.100%
WAGrandview  US7.900%
WAGranger  US7.900%
WAGranite Falls  US8.900%
WAHamilton  US8.500%
WAHarrah  US7.900%
WAHarrington  US8.000%
WAHartline  US7.900%
WAHatton  US7.700%
WAHoquiam  US8.800%
WAHunts Point  US10.000%
WAIlwaco  US8.000%
WAIndex  US8.900%
WAIone  US7.600%
WAIssaquah  US10.000%
WAKahlotus  US8.000%
WAKalama  US7.900%
WAKelso  US8.100%
WAKenmore  US10.000%
WAKennewick  US8.600%
WAKent  US10.000%
WAKettle Falls  US76.000%
WAKirkland  US10.000%
WAKittitas  US8.000%
WAKrupp  US7.900%
WALa Center  US8.400%
WALa Conner  US8.500%
WALa Crosse  US7.800%
WALacey  US8.900%
WALake Forest Park  US10.000%
WALake Stevens  US8.900%
WALakewood  US9.900%
WALamont  US7.800%
WALangley  US8.700%
WALatah  US8.100%
WALeavenworth  US8.400%
WALiberty Lake  US8.800%
WALind  US7.700%
WALong Beach  US8.300%
WALongview  US8.100%
WALyman  US8.500%
WALynden  US8.700%
WALynnwood  US10.400%
WAMabton  US7.900%
WAMalden  US7.800%
WAMansfield  US7.700%
WAMaple Valley  US8.600%
WAMarcus  US7.600%
WAMarysville  US9.100%
WAMattawa  US8.100%
WAMccleary  US8.800%
WAMedical Lake  US8.800%
WAMedina  US10.000%
WAMercer Island  US10.000%
WAMesa  US8.000%
WAMetaline  US7.600%
WAMetaline Falls  US7.600%
WAMill Creek  US10.400%
WAMillwood  US8.800%
WAMilton  US10.000%
WAMonroe  US9.200%
WAMontesano  US8.800%
WAMorton  US7.800%
WAMoses Lake  US8.100%
WAMossyrock  US7.800%
WAMount Vernon  US8.700%
WAMountlake Terrace  US10.300%
WAMoxee City  US7.900%
WAMukilteo  US10.300%
WANaches  US7.900%
WANapavine  US7.800%
WANespelem  US7.800%
WANewcastle  US10.000%
WANewport  US7.600%
WANooksack  US8.500%
WANormandy  US10.000%
WANorth Bend  US7.700%
WANorth Bonneville  US7.600%
WANorthport  US8.700%
WAOak Harbor  US8.700%
WAOakesdale  US7.800%
WAOakville  US8.800%
WAOcean Shores  US8.800%
WAOdessa  US8.000%
WAOkanogan  US8.300%
WAOlympia  US8.900%
WAOmak  US8.200%
WAOroville  US8.200%
WAOrting  US9.300%
WAOthello  US7.900%
WAPacific  US10.000%
WAPalouse  US7.800%
WAPark  US8.900%
WAPasco  US8.600%
WAPateros  US8.200%
WAPe Ell  US7.800%
WAPomeroy  US7.900%
WAPort Angeles  US8.700%
WAPort Orchard  US9.000%
WAPort Townsend  US9.000%
WAPoulsbo  US9.000%
WAPrescott  US8.100%
WAProsser  US8.600%
WAPullman  US7.800%
WAPuyallup  US9.900%
WAQuincy  US7.900%
WARainier  US7.900%
WARaymond  US8.000%
WAReardan  US8.000%
WARedmond  US10.000%
WARenton  US10.000%
WARepublic  US77.000%
WARichland  US8.600%
WARidgefield  US8.400%
WARitzville  US7.700%
WARiverside  US8.200%
WARock Island  US8.200%
WARockford  US8.100%
WARosalia  US7.800%
WARoslyn  US8.000%
WARoy  US8.000%
WARoyal City  US7.900%
WARuston  US9.900%
WASammamish  US10.000%
WASeatac  US10.000%
WASeattle  US10.100%
WASedro Woolley  US8.500%
WASelah  US8.200%
WASequim  US8.800%
WAShelton  US8.800%
WAShoreline  US10.000%
WASkykomish  US8.600%
WASnohomish  US9.100%
WASnoqualmie  US8.600%
WASoap Lake  US7.900%
WASouth Bend  US8.000%
WASouth Cle Elum  US8.000%
WASouth Prairie  US7.900%
WASpangle  US8.100%
WASpokane  US8.800%
WASpokane Valley  US8.800%
WASprague  US8.000%
WASpringdale  US7.600%
WASt. John  US7.800%
WAStanwood  US9.100%
WAStarbuck  US8.200%
WASteilacoom  US9.900%
WAStevenson  US7.700%
WASultan  US8.900%
WASumas  US8.500%
WASumner  US9.300%
WASunnyside  US7.900%
WATacoma  US10.100%
WATekoa  US7.800%
WATenino  US7.900%
WATieton  US7.900%
WAToledo  US7.800%
WATonasket  US8.300%
WAToppenish  US7.900%
WATukwila  US10.000%
WATumwater  US8.900%
WATwisp  US8.500%
WAUnion Gap  US8.100%
WAUniontown  US7.800%
WAUniversity Place  US9.900%
WAVader  US7.800%
WAVancouver  US8.400%
WAWaitsburg  US8.200%
WAWalla Walla  US8.900%
WAWapato  US7.900%
WAWarden  US7.900%
WAWashougal  US8.400%
WAWashtucna  US7.700%
WAWaterville  US8.200%
WAWaverly  US8.100%
WAWenatchee  US8.400%
WAWest Richland  US8.600%
WAWestport  US8.800%
WAWhite Salmon  US7.500%
WAWilbur  US8.000%
WAWilkeson  US7.900%
WAWilson Creek  US7.900%
WAWinlock  US7.800%
WAWinthrop  US8.300%
WAWoodinville  US10.000%
WAWoodland  US7.900%
WAWoodway  US10.300%
WAYacolt  US8.400%
WAYakima  US8.200%
WAYarrow Point  US10.000%
WAYelm  US8.700%
WAZillah  US7.900%

Service Provider Data Privacy Policy

This dealership uses SimplePart, LLC as a Service Provider to build and maintain our parts website. SimplePart collects and uses personal information by users of our Website for the purposes of:

  • Auditing related to a current interaction with Consumers
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Performance of services such as:
    • Maintaining accounts,
    • Customer service,
    • Order fulfillment,
    • Verification of identity,
    • Advertising and marketing,
    • Analytics services, and
    • Other similar and legitimate services
  • Identification and repair of errors that impede functionality
  • Transient use
  • Internal research
  • Maintenance of services provided

As a Service Provider, SimplePart is dedicated to the protection of your personal information. California Civil Code 1798.83 grants residents certain rights regarding the collection, deletion, and sale of that personal information. SimplePart will work to assist us in responding to any applicable requests that you may have. All requests should be submitted via the data request form linked at the bottom of this website. SimplePart’s policies regarding California residents’ personal information are as follows:

Collection policy

Consumers have the right to request disclosure of the categories of personal information collected about them, as well as specific pieces of information. SimplePart will assist us in responding to verifiable consumer requests made via our data request form as relates to that information. Please note that, depending on the nature of your request, we may require differing levels of verification of your identity.

Deletion policy

Consumers have the additional right to request deletion of personal information collected about them. The information that SimplePart collects on our behalf is all used for the business purposes listed above and, as a result, it does not honor deletion requests. If you make a deletion request via our data request form, you will be sent an email explaining the denial and the reasons for that denial.

Opt-out policy

Consumers also have the right to opt-out of the sale of their personal information to third parties. SimplePart, as a Service Provider, does not sell any of your personal information to third parties and, as such, SimplePart cannot honor opt-out requests. If you make an opt-out request via our data request form, you will be sent an email explaining the denial and the reasons for that denial.

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