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Tax Rates

State/ProvinceCityCountyPostal CodeCountryTax Amount
WA   US8.500%
WAAberdeen  US8.930%
WAAirway Heights  US9.000%
WAAlbion  US7.800%
WAAlgona  US10.000%
WAAlmira  US8.000%
WAAnacortes  US8.500%
WAArlington  US9.100%
WAAsotin  US7.700%
WAAuburn  US10.000%
WABainbridge Island  US9.000%
WABattle Ground  US8.400%
WABeaux Arts Village  US10.000%
WABellevue  US10.000%
WABellingham  US8.700%
WABenton City  US75.000%
WABingen  US7.500%
WABlack Diamond  US8.600%
WABlaine  US8.500%
WABonney Lake  US9.300%
WABothell  US10.000%
WABremerton  US9.000%
WABrewster  US8.200%
WABridgeport  US7.700%
WABrier  US10.300%
WABuckley  US7.900%
WABucoda  US7.900%
WABurien  US10.000%
WABurlington  US8.500%
WACamas  US8.400%
WACarbonado  US7.900%
WACarnation  US8.600%
WACashmere  US8.200%
WACastle Rock  US8.000%
WACathlamet  US7.600%
WACentralia  US8.200%
WAChehalis  US8.200%
WAChelan  US8.200%
WACheney  US8.800%
WAChewelah  US7.600%
WAClarkston  US7.900%
WACle Elum  US8.000%
WAClyde Hill  US9.500%
WAColfax  US7.800%
WACollege Place  US8.700%
WAColton  US7.800%
WAColville  US7.600%
WAConconully  US8.200%
WAConcrete  US8.500%
WAConnell  US8.200%
WACosmopolis  US8.800%
WACoulee City  US7.900%
WACoulee Dam  US7.800%
WACoupeville  US8.700%
WACovington  US8.600%
WACreston  US8.000%
WACusick  US7.600%
WADarrington  US8.900%
WADavenport  US8.000%
WADayton  US8.400%
WADeer Park  US8.100%
WADes Moines  US10.000%
WADupont  US9.300%
WADuvall   US8.600%
WAEast Wenatchee  US8.200%
WAEatonville  US7.900%
WAEdgewood  US9.900%
WAEdmonds  US10.300%
WAElectric City  US7.900%
WAEllensburg  US8.300%
WAElma  US8.800%
WAElmer City  US7.800%
WAEndicott  US7.800%
WAEntiat  US8.200%
WAEnumclaw  US8.700%
WAEphrata  US8.000%
WAEverett  US9.700%
WAEverson  US8.500%
WAFairfield  US8.100%
WAFarmington  US7.800%
WAFederal Way  US10.000%
WAFerndale  US8.700%
WAFife  US9.900%
WAFircrest  US9.900%
WAForks  US8.500%
WAFriday Harbor  US8.300%
WAGarfield  US7.800%
WAGeorge  US7.900%
WAGig Harbor  US8.500%
WAGold Bar  US8.900%
WAGoldendale  US7.500%
WAGrand Coulee  US8.100%
WAGrandview  US7.900%
WAGranger  US7.900%
WAGranite Falls  US8.900%
WAHamilton  US8.500%
WAHarrah  US7.900%
WAHarrington  US8.000%
WAHartline  US7.900%
WAHatton  US7.700%
WAHoquiam  US8.800%
WAHunts Point  US10.000%
WAIlwaco  US8.000%
WAIndex  US8.900%
WAIone  US7.600%
WAIssaquah  US10.000%
WAKahlotus  US8.000%
WAKalama  US7.900%
WAKelso  US8.100%
WAKenmore  US10.000%
WAKennewick  US8.600%
WAKent  US10.000%
WAKettle Falls  US76.000%
WAKirkland  US10.000%
WAKittitas  US8.000%
WAKrupp  US7.900%
WALa Center  US8.400%
WALa Conner  US8.500%
WALa Crosse  US7.800%
WALacey  US8.900%
WALake Forest Park  US10.000%
WALake Stevens  US8.900%
WALakewood  US9.900%
WALamont  US7.800%
WALangley  US8.700%
WALatah  US8.100%
WALeavenworth  US8.400%
WALiberty Lake  US8.800%
WALind  US7.700%
WALong Beach  US8.300%
WALongview  US8.100%
WALyman  US8.500%
WALynden  US8.700%
WALynnwood  US10.400%
WAMabton  US7.900%
WAMalden  US7.800%
WAMansfield  US7.700%
WAMaple Valley  US8.600%
WAMarcus  US7.600%
WAMarysville  US9.100%
WAMattawa  US8.100%
WAMccleary  US8.800%
WAMedical Lake  US8.800%
WAMedina  US10.000%
WAMercer Island  US10.000%
WAMesa  US8.000%
WAMetaline  US7.600%
WAMetaline Falls  US7.600%
WAMill Creek  US10.400%
WAMillwood  US8.800%
WAMilton  US10.000%
WAMonroe  US9.200%
WAMontesano  US8.800%
WAMorton  US7.800%
WAMoses Lake  US8.100%
WAMossyrock  US7.800%
WAMount Vernon  US8.700%
WAMountlake Terrace  US10.300%
WAMoxee City  US7.900%
WAMukilteo  US10.300%
WANaches  US7.900%
WANapavine  US7.800%
WANespelem  US7.800%
WANewcastle  US10.000%
WANewport  US7.600%
WANooksack  US8.500%
WANormandy  US10.000%
WANorth Bend  US7.700%
WANorth Bonneville  US7.600%
WANorthport  US8.700%
WAOak Harbor  US8.700%
WAOakesdale  US7.800%
WAOakville  US8.800%
WAOcean Shores  US8.800%
WAOdessa  US8.000%
WAOkanogan  US8.300%
WAOlympia  US8.900%
WAOmak  US8.200%
WAOroville  US8.200%
WAOrting  US9.300%
WAOthello  US7.900%
WAPacific  US10.000%
WAPalouse  US7.800%
WAPark  US8.900%
WAPasco  US8.600%
WAPateros  US8.200%
WAPe Ell  US7.800%
WAPomeroy  US7.900%
WAPort Angeles  US8.700%
WAPort Orchard  US9.000%
WAPort Townsend  US9.000%
WAPoulsbo  US9.000%
WAPrescott  US8.100%
WAProsser  US8.600%
WAPullman  US7.800%
WAPuyallup  US9.900%
WAQuincy  US7.900%
WARainier  US7.900%
WARaymond  US8.000%
WAReardan  US8.000%
WARedmond  US10.000%
WARenton  US10.000%
WARepublic  US77.000%
WARichland  US8.600%
WARidgefield  US8.400%
WARitzville  US7.700%
WARiverside  US8.200%
WARock Island  US8.200%
WARockford  US8.100%
WARosalia  US7.800%
WARoslyn  US8.000%
WARoy  US8.000%
WARoyal City  US7.900%
WARuston  US9.900%
WASammamish  US10.000%
WASeatac  US10.000%
WASeattle  US10.100%
WASedro Woolley  US8.500%
WASelah  US8.200%
WASequim  US8.800%
WAShelton  US8.800%
WAShoreline  US10.000%
WASkykomish  US8.600%
WASnohomish  US9.100%
WASnoqualmie  US8.600%
WASoap Lake  US7.900%
WASouth Bend  US8.000%
WASouth Cle Elum  US8.000%
WASouth Prairie  US7.900%
WASpangle  US8.100%
WASpokane  US8.800%
WASpokane Valley  US8.800%
WASprague  US8.000%
WASpringdale  US7.600%
WASt. John  US7.800%
WAStanwood  US9.100%
WAStarbuck  US8.200%
WASteilacoom  US9.900%
WAStevenson  US7.700%
WASultan  US8.900%
WASumas  US8.500%
WASumner  US9.300%
WASunnyside  US7.900%
WATacoma  US10.100%
WATekoa  US7.800%
WATenino  US7.900%
WATieton  US7.900%
WAToledo  US7.800%
WATonasket  US8.300%
WAToppenish  US7.900%
WATukwila  US10.000%
WATumwater  US8.900%
WATwisp  US8.500%
WAUnion Gap  US8.100%
WAUniontown  US7.800%
WAUniversity Place  US9.900%
WAVader  US7.800%
WAVancouver  US8.400%
WAWaitsburg  US8.200%
WAWalla Walla  US8.900%
WAWapato  US7.900%
WAWarden  US7.900%
WAWashougal  US8.400%
WAWashtucna  US7.700%
WAWaterville  US8.200%
WAWaverly  US8.100%
WAWenatchee  US8.400%
WAWest Richland  US8.600%
WAWestport  US8.800%
WAWhite Salmon  US7.500%
WAWilbur  US8.000%
WAWilkeson  US7.900%
WAWilson Creek  US7.900%
WAWinlock  US7.800%
WAWinthrop  US8.300%
WAWoodinville  US10.000%
WAWoodland  US7.900%
WAWoodway  US10.300%
WAYacolt  US8.400%
WAYakima  US8.200%
WAYarrow Point  US10.000%
WAYelm  US8.700%
WAZillah  US7.900%

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